Some people might recognize me from the B&H Explora blog, where I am a contributor for photography-oriented articles and announcements. Just to get everything out in the open right away, I am employed at B&H as a writer, writing everything from individual product pages up to camera announcements and reviews. In short, if you travel to B&H’s website on occasion, there’s a high likelihood you’ve seen something of mine.

However, I obviously have to have a different voice and style when writing for them. I support this approach, as it keeps the site’s vision unified and helps get as much information as possible to our customers so that they can make their own informed decision. I stand by the fact that there is no “best” camera, just the best for you. Sure, some are technically better, but I have no qualms pointing that out.

So how is this blog is going to be different is that I will add in a bit of my own opinions or maybe just throw in some extra photos that didn’t make the cut over there. Also, I am considering spending some of my free time going more in depth on topics that I wasn’t able to spend much time on in articles over there. We will see what develops, and hopefully you will enjoy these articles.

And, I am going to try to keep up on social media, so you can follow me @shawncsteiner on Instagram and Twitter. And you can check out my Facebook page here.

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