Canon EOS 5DS

Designed for Detail: The Canon EOS 5DS & 5DS R DSLRs

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This review was originally published on B&H Photo’s Explora blog where I am a regular contributor.

The ultimate in resolution for full-frame DSLRs: this is what Canon’s latest 50-megapixel 5DS and 5DS R offer users. These cameras take a huge leap forward in resolution for the legendary 5D series and, when one looks at the files, they are impressively sharp and detailed. I was also able to observe the main differences between the two models and zoom almost endlessly into those images. It was a fun experience, and anyone looking for maximum resolution and detail will not have to search for much longer.

Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)

Black & White is Back!: The Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)

Photography, Reviews

This review was originally published on B&H Photo’s Explora blog where I am a regular contributor.

Long gone are the days of having to pick between color or black-and-white film stocks before setting out the door. We have now entered a digital world where many critical artistic decisions are made long after the initial image is created. Leica has decided to change that by offering a new camera that makes images only in black-and-white, allowing photographers to solidify their vision and mindset before they head out the door. And, after taking it for a spin over the past week, I can say that it produces images that absolutely cannot be matched.

Welcome to the black-and-white world of the Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) Digital Rangefinder Camera.


Making room for others


Frankly, the original purpose of this posting was to show off a new photograph of myself. I rarely have nice photos for myself besides those random cell phone photos with my friends. So this is a very nice change of pace.

Here is the photo taken of me.

Shawn Steiner, Photo Editor
Emily Fuller/The Ithacan

That was taken by a one Emily Fuller, design editor of The Ithacan. This was simply after a short training session in the lighting studio. The date of this photo shoot and the nature of how the photos were not taken by me has led to a great change in my approach to the job. After a good bit of time I’ve done a lot that I have wanted to and I feel that for my own personal projects I need to take a step down and let others take over.

I am taking a step down at the end of this semester as Photo Editor of The Ithacan. It was a tough decision but a necessary one. I have made significant changes to the newspaper’s photo section that I am proud of and now I get a chance to relax… mostly.

This is actually resulting in more of a move to multimedia. I find it an area where I can make another huge impact and hopefully leave a large mark. It also allows me to stay a part of something that I love and be there for those who still like my presence. I will have an outlet for my ambition, but I will also hopefully be able to sleep.