Perfect Timing

‘Perfect Timing’: my first real short

Fiction, Film & Video

My first real short film with quality production vaules, Perfect Timing. Enjoy. Please click through to see in full quality.

Perfect Timing

A reflection on the thoughts following the loss of a loved one.

Director, Writer, Producer – Shawn Steiner

Cast (in order of appearance)
Christopher…Kristofer Stensland
Lily……………Tess Wolgemuth
Ashley……….Kelin Daugherty
Ryan………….Canon Brownell

Editor – Scott Owsley
Audio – Alex Mason
Production Assistant – Gautam Singhani

Original Music by Will Gelder


And it begins


Well, this time had to eventually come. All media people have to show their stuff in some aggregated manner, and a blog is perhaps the simplest and most efficient way of doing that.

My name is Shawn Steiner and I am a photographer, videographer, writer and whatever else happens to pique my interest at that given moment. I will leave the work I post here to finish off my profile. And if you would like you can simply check out my bio.