The beer is here


A more recent video about homebrewing.

The Beer Is Here from Shawn Steiner on Vimeo.

The Beer Is Here
Filmed and edited by Shawn C. Steiner

Ithaca College junior Isaac Ford brews beer in his home in Ithaca, NY. He walks us through the process of brewing a raspberry wheat beer.

A short news package done for The Ithacan, Ithaca College’s award-winning student newspaper.

‘Perfect Timing': my first real short

Perfect Timing featured

My first real short film with quality production vaules, Perfect Timing. Enjoy. Please click through to see in full quality.

Perfect Timing

A reflection on the thoughts following the loss of a loved one.

Director, Writer, Producer – Shawn Steiner

Cast (in order of appearance)
Christopher…Kristofer Stensland
Lily……………Tess Wolgemuth
Ashley……….Kelin Daugherty
Ryan………….Canon Brownell

Editor – Scott Owsley
Audio – Alex Mason
Production Assistant – Gautam Singhani

Original Music by Will Gelder

And it begins


Well, this time had to eventually come. All media people have to show their stuff in some aggregated manner, and a blog is perhaps the simplest and most efficient way of doing that.

My name is Shawn Steiner and I am a photographer, videographer, writer and whatever else happens to pique my interest at that given moment. I will leave the work I post here to finish off my profile. And if you would like you can simply check out my bio.