The beer is here


A more recent video about homebrewing.

The Beer Is Here from Shawn Steiner on Vimeo.

The Beer Is Here
Filmed and edited by Shawn C. Steiner

Ithaca College junior Isaac Ford brews beer in his home in Ithaca, NY. He walks us through the process of brewing a raspberry wheat beer.

A short news package done for The Ithacan, Ithaca College’s award-winning student newspaper.

Caution!: A zombie classic

Screen capture from Caution: A zombie classic.

Welcome to my work from freshman year also known as Spring 2011 Cinema Production 1 taught by Joshua Bonnetta.

This semester was filled with exciting times of film just two years ago as this was shot on 16mm and my photo project that semester was shot on 4×5. So, as I prepare to release snippets of my Thesis Cinema Production I felt it would be a good idea to throw up my original project. One of many ambitions that unfortunately fell a bit short. But, it still didn’t turn out too terribly. Hope you enjoy it as it is still entertaining. Thanks

<p><a href=”″>Caution</a&gt; from <a href=””>Shawn Steiner</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Rethinking Instagram

A couple of my portraits.

Over the months I have written a few posts about how Instagram is bad for photojournalists and how it really shouldn’t be used. However, that is a very specific viewpoint to write from and I feel like I didn’t give Instagram a fair chance.

My very hipster self.
My very hipster self.

Now, I started using it for real. It started as a joke but I’ve really come to enjoy using it. It started with a party that I got dressed up pretty hipster I must admit. So, the best portrait would have to be Instagrammed. It was funny. But it evolved into more usage and my current idea.

Here is how the actual project began.

I have a good friend who doesn’t use any social media. I decided it would be funny to Instagram a photo of him a day and post it on Facebook. All of our friends love it and I find it really enjoyable. Though one complaint is that some filters can really just kill an image.

Here is the first image from the series:

Isaac Ford adventures through the snow.
Isaac Ford adventures through the snow.

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I’ve realized Instagram isn’t a great image creation tool. But, for social interactions through photographs, it is a good way to entertain your friends.

Rally coverage down in DC

Forward on Climate

This past weekend was the Forward on Climate rally in Washington D.C. I was fortunate enough to cover it for The Ithacan. So, myself and a staff of 4 other reporters, photographers and videographers headed to D.C. to check it out. It was a great time, here are some quick shots.

Forward on Climate_1

Forward on Climate_2

Forward on Climate_3

Forward on Climate_4

Forward on Climate_5

Forward on Climate


Photojournalism: Fire at the State Street Diner

Fire at The State Street Diner

Selections of my photojournalism will also appear from time to time. This is how I am introducing this new section on this site. Hope you enjoy! Here is the first image, a personal favorite.

Fire at The State Street Diner
Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012 — Stuart Prineas, an electrical contractor, examines the damage from a fire Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012 at the State Street Diner. The diner caught fire at about 4:30 p.m. from what local authorities believe to have been faulty wiring, however the investigation is still ongoing.
Shawn Steiner/The Ithacan

Concert shoot: We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists performed in Emerson Suites at Ithaca College and during the last song, "After Hours," they called the crowd up to join them on stage. I managed to get right there with the band.

A couple months ago the indie rock band We Are Scientists performed at Ithaca College. Here are some of my photographs.

We Are Scientists performed in Emerson Suites at Ithaca College and during the last song, “After Hours,” they called the crowd up to join them on stage.

Sophomore Ryan Bince and junior Shaza Elsheshtawy get excited in the front row of the concert.

‘Perfect Timing': my first real short

Perfect Timing featured

My first real short film with quality production vaules, Perfect Timing. Enjoy. Please click through to see in full quality.

Perfect Timing

A reflection on the thoughts following the loss of a loved one.

Director, Writer, Producer – Shawn Steiner

Cast (in order of appearance)
Christopher…Kristofer Stensland
Lily……………Tess Wolgemuth
Ashley……….Kelin Daugherty
Ryan………….Canon Brownell

Editor – Scott Owsley
Audio – Alex Mason
Production Assistant – Gautam Singhani

Original Music by Will Gelder