Street portrait: Rachel

Rachel poses for a photo.

My friend Rachel happened to be around when I was testing out a new picture profile on my camera. It is designed to mimic black and white film and I think it does a pretty good job. It may not be the best profile but I like how it looks.

Rachel poses for a photo.
Rachel poses for a photo.

Street portrait: Shannon Moloney

Shannon Moloney, a student at Ithaca College, poses for a photo.

Shannon Moloney is a friend and fellow student here at Ithaca College. We spent some time together and while there was still some daylight shining in through the window I asked to get one quick shot of her. Here it is.

Shannon Moloney, a student at Ithaca College, poses for a photo.
Shannon Moloney, a student at Ithaca College, poses for a photo.
Shawn Steiner/In focus

Making room for others


Frankly, the original purpose of this posting was to show off a new photograph of myself. I rarely have nice photos for myself besides those random cell phone photos with my friends. So this is a very nice change of pace.

Here is the photo taken of me.

Shawn Steiner, Photo Editor
Emily Fuller/The Ithacan

That was taken by a one Emily Fuller, design editor of The Ithacan. This was simply after a short training session in the lighting studio. The date of this photo shoot and the nature of how the photos were not taken by me has led to a great change in my approach to the job. After a good bit of time I’ve done a lot that I have wanted to and I feel that for my own personal projects I need to take a step down and let others take over.

I am taking a step down at the end of this semester as Photo Editor of The Ithacan. It was a tough decision but a necessary one. I have made significant changes to the newspaper’s photo section that I am proud of and now I get a chance to relax… mostly.

This is actually resulting in more of a move to multimedia. I find it an area where I can make another huge impact and hopefully leave a large mark. It also allows me to stay a part of something that I love and be there for those who still like my presence. I will have an outlet for my ambition, but I will also hopefully be able to sleep.